Affordable Metal Roof

Types of Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing CompanyThere are three types of metal roof available, and each has its own installation method and design pattern.

 •Corrugated Metal Roof – This system uses flat panels of corrugated metal. Although this is not a system that traditionally appears in residential areas, innovations have led to the production of panels that have greater eye appeal and are suited to urban building codes. Traditionally, the panels are made of galvanized steel, but other metals are coming into favor.

 •Standing seam panel – This system uses flat sheets of metal (copper, aluminum, stainless steel) joined with raised seams. The joints are locked together and the edges folded back over, creating a watertight seal. The metal is roll formed and cut to the measurements of the roof. This is one of the oldest roofing systems in use, and its installation requires the skills of professional roofing companies.

 •Metal shingles – Metal shingles are molded to replicate the look of shingles made from other materials. They can look like composition, wood, cedar, slate, or ceramic shingles. They can also be embossed or painted to suit the design preferences of the homeowner.

Advantages to metal roofs

Durable– A properly installed metal roof can last for centuries. It is a low maintenance system, requiring little more than keeping debris off the surface.
Weight – Metal roofing materials are lighter than other roofing materials. Because of this, in many cases they can be laid over an existing roof, without having to go through the process of removing and disposing of the old roof. No special reinforcement of the existing structure is required if it is in good condition.
Fireproof – Metal panels or shingles will not catch fire, and are considered the safest roofing material.
Inexpensive – Metal roofs are next up the scale from composition or asphalt shingles in cost. Prices will vary based on whether or not panels or shingles are used and the type of metal used. The initial cost is diminished over time because of the durability of the material.
Recyclable – Metal roofs are one hundred percent recyclable. The old material can be used over and over again in different roofing applications. Many salvage companies offer old metal roofing materials for those who need to match materials on an existing structure.

If you are building a new home, or looking to replace and old roof, consider a metal roof system. Its unique look, durability, and relatively low cost will keep you well covered.

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