Do I Need A New Roof?

Do I need a new Roof?

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1.  Missing Roof Shingles – Shingles that have been blown off or become dislodged indicated that the roofing shingles have lost tinsle strength and the sealant is no longer bonding them together which makes them very susceptible to damage from wind.  Occasionally, individual shingles can be replaced pending on how brittle the shingles have become with age.  Generally, missing roofing shingles means that the shingles are in greatly deteriorated condition and the end of the road is near.

2.  Storm Damage to Roofs – Storm damage can result in multiple different problems.  Winds can dislodge or remove roofing shingles and create the opportunity for water damage.  Over time these fractures will be stressed due to expansion and contraction due to the temperature extremes.  Eventually, this causes cracks in shingles which can cause water damage. Connelly Roofing specializes in working with your insurance company in these situations so you have one less headache to worry about.

3.  Curling Roofing Shingles – Generally curling or buckling shingles are caused by ventilation issues.  The roofing shingles have baked from the inside out.   Over time this heat causes the sealants on the back of the shingles to detach from course underneath and the shingle starts to shrink and curl up.  At this point your roof is usually on borrowed time.  Many inexperienced roofing contractors will walk on these roofing shingles which will cause them to break and make your home more susceptible to water or wind damage. Make sure your contractor is knowledgeable in this category.

4.  Buckling in the Roof Decking – Sometimes roof decking will buckle due to poor ventilation.  Most manufacturers also site poor ventilation as a common cause of premature shingles deterioration.  Contributing factors can also be how tight homes have become to make them more efficient.  As homes become more efficient, the more heat and vapor become trapped in the attiac and weaken the roof decking over time.  Adding insulation to an attick which covers the soffit vents will choke out a roof by reducing the ability to exhaust warm moist air through the roof vents due to insufficient replacement air.

5.  Blistered Roofing Shingles – Blisters are generally caused deterioration due to age.  They can be extremely brittle and have cracks through them.  There is no strength left and water penetration becomes invited.  This will lead to recurring problems if left ignored.

6.  Damage Flashing on Roofs – Many leaks start with flashing problems.  Some flashing problems are a result of wind, ice or improper installation by contractors which may lead to dislodged flashings.  If not addressed in a timely manner, the problem can escalate in a costly manner.

7.  Water Signs, Damage and Rotting of Roof Wood – A high percentage of the roofs installed each have at least some form of water damage or rotten wood unknown to home owners.  Usually, this damage starts at the end of a valley, around a chimney flashing , around vents like soil pipe collars and HVAC stacks, along eaves or whwere roofing matersl meet a wall.  Stains on a ceiling of a house with 9older roof are the first sign to home owners that something may be wrong with a roof.

The roof is one of the primary elements of a building. It protects our belongings and us. It protects us from extreme weather conditions offering peaceful and comfortable living. If you can afford to spend thousands of dollars on decorating the interiors of your house, furnishing it with the latest furniture and spending a few hundred dollars on maintaining it, then you should not wait for the roof to become so badly damaged that it has a bad leak. It is always a wise decision to have your roof repaired at the first sign of trouble or even better to have it checked occasionally by a roofing company such as Enslow Roofing to prevent damage all together.

Irrespective of the weather conditions and the location, the roofs of the buildings you live in must be sturdy and well maintained. Though you feel a couple of minor damages can be overlooked, they will exhibit their reality at the time of heavy winters, rains and rough weather and you will have to shell out a huge sum from your budget to get it repaired and restored. For roof installations and repairs, one must find the right contractor. Many roofing companies offer various services related to roofing and repairs.

Choosing the Right Roofing Company

There are General Contractors and there are Roofing Contractors. Roofing contractors specialize in just roofing and other related roofing needs. General contractors will usually sub out their work to a roofing contractor and then will add there fees on top of a roofing contractor so generally the work will be more expensive for the homeowner. Roofing contractors do all there own work and will cover all your roofing needs from leak repairs, new roofs, re-roofs, and ect.

Also a general contractor probably isn’t certified in the product by the manufacturer, but a roofing contractor might be.

If your roof is in need of repairs or replacement, a roofing professional and roofing contractor will analyze your project and provide you with a detailed specification and completion cost. Let us help you with your roofing needs. You will not find a better roofing contractor than Connelly Roofing.


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